Thursday, April 1, 2010

Article: Yahoo Domain

Wednesday, 24 March 2010 20:13,

Yahoo hosting is as little as $7/month -- throw in a free domain registration and this is an extremely good deal. These types of free registrations with hosting are a great way to buy additional descriptive and long tail keyword domains to point to your core business website. By throwing extra weight to your main site or domain name, you are setting yourself up for a very low cost marketing strategy of your brand. Also, by obtaining all of the domains that are similar to your core brand, you are eliminating the chance for any of your competitors to offer a confusingly similar product or service. Try Yahoo domains to increase and round out your online assets.

The well-known Internet portal Yahoo! has joined the domain name business. The company now offers domain name registration services through its Yahoo! Small Business division. This sector of Yahoo is devoted to helping entrepreneurs get their businesses up and running by providing assistance like recruiting services, marketing tools and web hosting. The next reasonable step is to offer branded Yahoo domain registration. It’s another tool which will help business establish an online presence.


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