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Question from Len : 
"In 2001 I purchased a domain name for my corporation (… I have been automatically renewing the Yahoo domain since I originally purchased it. Today, I decided I was finally ready to create a site for my corporation… I logged into Yahoo to manage my account – I then purchased the Yahoo web hosting basic package. As I made my changes to DNS and mail servers – none of the changes were sticking… so, I called tech support. They informed me that I was no longer the owner of the domain name… someone purchased it in 2004.

After talking to tech support and 2 supervisors… I am stuck in a very strange position. They told me they used migrated from Network Solutions to MelburnIT (or something like that) and somehow my domain name became available for resale. I asked them to look at my payment history showing that I have been paying for the domain name since 2001 and even made a payment in December 2007 for the renewal.

They have no answers or possible solutions… what can I do? Is my corporate domain name gone forever?

Heck, they wouldn’t even say sorry…

Do you know who I can contact at Yahoo??? or have any ideas????


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