Sunday, February 3, 2008

Link to a forum : Yahoo domain name registration, be careful, you may loose your domain name

07-02-2007 (6 posts)
First comment from this forum :

"This happened to me last year:

I registed a domain name with yahoo. I paid for 5 years.

After sometime, I bought a hosting plan from yahoo. Since I didn't like the hosting plan, I cancelled the plan.

Know what, yahoo cancelled my domain name also! I lost a domain name for which I had paid for 5 years.

Talked, Shouted, Cried - with yahoo support people! No use! Domain name remained cancelled! I had to pay again to get back the domain.

(Their stupid logic: They call a hosting plan as an upgrade of the domain plan. When you buy hosting, you upgrade domain name. So when you cancel hosting plan later, according to them, you cancel not only the hosting plan, but also the domain name associated with it)

Didn't expect such an idotic logic from a company like Yahoo."


  1. If I was you, I would be crazy also!!! I realy do not like their services. Some years ago, I got registered a domain with them and finally I let it expired. Now event more worse with their new pricing!!! (I can register 6 .com domain names from my existing domain registration company - Luckyregister)

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