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Alright I have a few problams.

Question 1

First off what is * IP? because the one that shows in the Admin CP links me to a page that says "Server 1" and when I PING server 30 for it's IP the IP it gives me takes me to a page that says "Sever 15" so what is * IP address (see IPs I have used below):

a) (Ip given in Admin CP)- loads a page for server 1
b) (Pinged IP for server 30)- loads a page for server 15

Question 2

How do I set my domain up with Yahoo?

I mean I am not transfering it so don't suggest that as I am not open to it. I added both IP address and waited 24 hrs each time and when I go to my address/doamin each IP address took me to some forumer page for servers (1 & 15).

Not to mention Step 2 never showed up in the Admin CP even after waiting 48hrs.

This is a big issue for me because I like editing the HTMl rather then the Board Wrappers; but Invision_Free makes setting up a domain way more faster and simpler. I have had no luck with forumer and all support topics already made for Yahoo domains are not helpfule for 2 reasons:

a) No one helped the person
b) No one gave them an exact answer to their question

You can go to my domain which right now uses the IP address: and see that it takes you to a usless page: www.emina*******

Thanks for any help that will help!!"


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